Connor McAdams(non-registered)
Paul it was great meeting and hiking near you at the pictured rocks this summer. Your photography is amazing and I look forward to seeing the pictures from the trip
Kevin Abbott
Paul,your images and life story are inspiring my colleague Chief Dan ate Giant Eagle told me about your work. As a hunter, forager, outdoorsman and photographer I respect your work. Keep bringing the wilderness to the world. My only question is how much time did you have to invest to the wilderness to capture such wonderful moments? You patients and skill as an outdoorsman really show through these images keep up the good work! But if you are any thing like Dan you don't need my approval.
Harry Selsor(non-registered)
Paul, enjoyed meeting you at Huguenot Park this week. Your photography and passion for your work are so evident in the excellent captures and outstanding efforts. Enjoyed it.
500mm zoom and a d4 Nikon. Awesome photos and insight. inspiration.
Bo mckee
Paul, i read your story and it is very interesting! Glad you are able to do what you enjoy! Taking photos of the wildlife is a dream of mine and one day i will get more involved! Glad to run up on you on your adventure in the smokies at caves code! We were the ones that came up on you taking pics of a large 8 point! Be safe in your adventures and happy picture taking!
Ludwig Keck(non-registered)
Hello Paul,
We briefly said hello recently at the rookery north of Jacksonville. Your vehicle led me to your awesome photos here. Great work!

I have some fun photos from that day on my gallery and blog.
Vaughn Lasater(non-registered)
Your work is totally amazing and professional Paul, as always!! You have amazing talent, my friend!!
Debbie Woodall(non-registered)
Can't stopped looking at your photographs. They are truly beautiful and amazing!
What a wonderful talent and eye you have for seeing and capturing the beauty of nature.
Buck & Cheryl Seling(non-registered)
It was great meeting you in Grand Lake while shooting the moose. They opened RMNP soon after you guys left. We saw plenty of moose, elk and big horn sheep once the park was opened. Safe travels!!!
Aaron Miller(non-registered)
Great shots, well done!
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